Deep-frozen corn products and Soft Fried vegetables

The seed for FarmPack was sown a hundred years ago. That seed has reached full bloom on the Zeeland arable farm of the De Regt family. Besides cultivation we developed our own processing lines for agrifood. Time has not stood still here, as you will notice from the innovative and client-oriented deep frozen goods that are produced at our company in Kapelle today.

It took FarmPack only a short while to develop into the largest producer of frozen corncobs and Soft Fried vegetables in the Netherlands. We cater high quality products for demanding, yet more importantly, satisfied customers in the international food industry, service and retail branch. Jos and Linda de Regt: “we take pride in having demonstrated that we are a reliable producer and a flexible partner straight from our roots”.

The start of a long-term relationship

Our customers enjoy doing business with FarmPack thanks to our direct approach and plenty of understanding. “The partnership with our customers has already led to the development of many lovely products.” Living up to our word is a key principle for a long-term and refreshing cooperation with our company.
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