Talent Award went to Linda de Regt of FarmPack B.V. Kapelle

Linda de Regt (32) from Farm Pack B.V. received the Talent Award 2014 Wednesday night 6th October in Rotterdam from the hands of Veneca President mr. Hans Rijnierse. To this new price an amount of 10.000 Euro’s was rewarded.

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It took FarmPack only a short while to develop into the largest producer of frozen corncobs and Soft Fried vegetables in the Netherlands. We cater high quality products for demanding, yet more importantly, satisfied customers in the international food industry, service and retail branch.

Our customers enjoy doing business with FarmPack thanks to our direct approach and plenty of understanding.

The partnership with our customers has already led to the development of many lovely products.”

FarmPack corncobs and Soft Fried vegetables are the result of our own cultivation on Dutch soil. As we highly value guaranteed quality and sustainability, we prefer to work with raw materials from our own region. Our motivated staff guarantees the delivery of a perfect deep-frozen end product 24/7.

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